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Storyline Characters

Marcus Rainier

(*2045 - 36 years old by 2081)
Education: Astrogeology
Work history: Miner, Surveyor, Geologist, Freelancer, Squad Leader
Factions employed by: FSRE, OmniCorp, EAC, Space Traders’ Guild
Physical characteristics: Short brown-yellow hair, scar on the face, green/grey eyes, 186 cm tall, sporty figure, wide chest.

Marcus received his education in the pre-solar event times, graduating two years before the Solar Event from McGill University in Canada. During his studies, Marcus already made a successful career during mining and geological operations on asteroids in the outer solar system, working as a freelancer for OmniCorp, FSRE and other corporations as well as neutral factions. Although there were strong ties between the Rainier family and the EAC, after the failure of Project Genesis and the death of Marcus’ and Apollo’s parents, both brothers developed a strong aversion to EAC and the world of politics in general.

Between the two brothers, Marcus is more hot blooded and less disciplined than Apollo. Marcus felt partly responsible for the death of their parents and tried to do his best to help his younger brother adapt to the new world emerging after the Solar Event. Thanks to his ties with FSRE and Apollo’s skills and fervor for astrogeology and engineering, Marcus managed to get Apollo into one of the best educational facilities formed in the post-Event times – the FSRE; operated by New Greenbelt Military and Research College. Marcus is somewhat protective over his younger brother. Although proud of him and his achievements, Marcus admires him at the cost of his own safety and wellbeing.

  • 2068 – Graduated from McGill University (Astrogeology), age 23 years.
  • 2070 – The Solar Event occurs.
  • 2070-2074 – Apollo travels and works with Marcus, assisting him during mining and survey missions.

Apollo Rainier

(*2054 - 27 years old by 2081)
Education: Military Engineering
Work history: Engineer, Surveyor, Pilot
Factions employed by: FSRE
Physical characteristics: Short dark brown hair, brown eyes, 188 cm tall, rather slim sporty figure, pale skin.

The younger brother of Marcus, he shares the same background in the wealthy and influential Rainier family. However, while Marcus grew up mostly in the pre-solar event times and graduated at one of Earths’ universities, Apollo was only sixteen at the time of the Solar Event. His brother took care of the rest of his education, taking him on mining and survey missions into the outer asteroid belts. At the age of 19, Apollo joined the newly formed Military Research College at New Greenbelt space station operated by FSRE (EAC).

Thanks to his young age during the Solar Event and his military training, Apollo is somewhat different from his brother – he thinks twice before acting and in general is the more responsible one of the two Rainier brothers. Most of his friends and companions from the College also have a different influence on him compared to Marcus’ friends – most of whom are independent miners and freelancers.

  • 2070 – Solar Event occurs, while Apollo is age 16.
  • 2078 – Apollo graduates from New Greenbelt FSRE College at age 24.
  • 2081 – During the current time of Miner Wars 2081, Apollo is 27 years old.

Madelyn Lloyd

(*2051 – 30 years old by 2081)
Education: Space Navigator
Work history: Navigator, Pilot, Operations Officer
Factions employed by: FSRE, OmniCorp, EAC, Space Traders’ Guild
Physical characteristics: Long brown-black hair, warm brown eyes, 169 cm tall, sun tanned skin color, breast size B (14-16cm diameter).

Madelyn embodies the term “good girl”. She is responsible, intelligent, well-educated and at the same time she is ready for any adventure – although a bit less adrenaline-mannered than the brothers. The Lloyd family was in close contact with the Rainiers, and while the latter were rather scientific and involved in political power circles before the Solar Event, the Lloyds were a family of high-ranking EAC military officers (although responsible for departments such as research, engineering and space exploration rather than battle operations). Madelyn first met the brothers in 2072, just two years after the Solar Event, when Apollo was just 18 years old and Marcus was raising him a taking him on missions for FSRE – on one outer belt asteroid geological survey mission, Madelyn was working as the fleet navigator, while Marcus was in charge of the operation. Suddenly she and Marcus fell in love with each other. However, the relationship was complicated by the career prospects aspired by both; while being sent on long missions, drills and contracts served to separate them. They broke up in 2076; nevertheless, both stayed in contact and got used to each other as a pilot/captain – navigator relationship. Madelyn also has a bit of a motherly approach with respect to Apollo. She is the most responsible one out of the three and tries to keep the brothers on a leash when they tend to be too stubborn and hot blooded.

  • 2070 – The Solar Event occurred while she was age 19.
  • 2072 – Madelyn meets the Rainier brothers on a mission (although they knew each other from childhood years, since their families often mingled).
  • 2081 – During the current time of Miner Wars 2081, she is 30 years old.
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Tarja Brish

More information will be revealed in close future.
BlackRaven Tarja.jpg

Valentin Kostenko

More information will be revealed in close future.
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Manjeet Lata

More information will be revealed in close future.
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Francis Reef

More information will be revealed in close future.
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Walther von Stauffenberg

More information will be revealed in close future.
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