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Using Miner Wars Wiki

Our Wiki has really specific system. You can find here official info about Miner Wars 2081 project, but user made articles as well. To secure something like this, we have developed few of simple rules. On this page, you can read everything about them.

How to browse pages

On Main Page you can find several page lists separated by categories like Category:General Information, Category:Technology, Newest Official Pages or User Made Articles, or if you prefer page tree, at the end of Main Page you can find list of all official pages.

How it works

Basic idea of our Miner Wars Wiki is to present the content about Miner Wars 2081 and let our fans to create their own. To separate which content is official and actually part of the game and what is user made content, we use official namespace and marks.

Official pages

Each official page is in Official namespace. Rights to move or create page in this namespace has only administrators. You can recognize which page is official simply by small official mark at the top of the page or by prefix “Official:” at the start of the page name. All these pages are also protected so anyone except administrator can’t edit, delete or change it in any way.

Approved rights

All content of this Wiki is completely public, but edit, create or move certain pages can only approved users. You can create account and discuss in any page, but for evolving content of our wiki, you need to be approved. For this, you just need to write e-mail on, where you put your MW Wiki username and your rights will be granted soon. There are no limitations for this. This measure we apply only because we want to let to evolve content of our Wiki only to users, which are true interested in.


After all protected official pages and namespace, still we have several categories, which are not limited by any rights. To add your page to some category just put "[[Category:Category name]]" at the end of your page and it will appear in category page lists. If you do not add your page in some category, it will not appear in lists of category articles at the bottom of Main Page. You can also create your own categories, or even create article which is not in any other category. For more information about creating and using categories see Formating page.


Please feel free to develop any content you want. Stories, new factions, your sectors, missions – anything you can imagine. There is just one rule – it should fit to Miner Wars Universe or be connected with our project. And also follow general rules about decent content and Terms of Use.

Please be welcome on our Wiki and if you have any questions, please look into FAQ for your answer or write e-mail to Thank you!

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