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How to create new page

To create new page just write name of the page you want to create to the search field in the right top of the screen and press "Go". If the page does not exist already, it will say you this:

There were no results matching the query.

Create the page "XXX" on this wiki!

Just click on the "XXX" and you will get to page edit mode where you can create the content of the page. Once you save it, it becomes visible among list of articles.


When you are creating page, you can sort articles by categories by assigning them to it. To this simply write following command at the end of the article:


Hierarchy of categories

You can create your own categories and also you can create the hierarchy of categories. To do this, first create some page and put it in category A. Then, when you look at the bottom of the page, there will be something like this: "Category: A". Simply click on the "A" and you will get to category page where is the automatically generated list of all articles within the category. If you will edit this category page, you can write there some description of the category (the list of articles is automatically generated and not editable) and if you put [[Category:CategoryName]] there too, the category itself becomes the part of other category. This way you can create hierarchy whatever you like.

Best categories can get even to the main page!

NOTE: In every category tree the most top category should be every time the part of the "All" category. Because lower category inherits category of its parent too, when you will display category page for "All" category, you will see there list of every single one article. So for example imagine this category tree:

   All - A
       - B - C
           - D - Article E

Then if you will display category page for "All" you will see there also article E in category D. You do not have to write [[Category:D]][[Category:B]][[Category:A]][[Category:All]]. Just write [[Category:D]] and the D category will inherit B and B will inherit A etc. See category "All" page for better example.

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