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Just after the beginning of 5th year after The Solar Event, Omnicorp's directors decided that as an influencial faction and business, they need to keep tabs on the events inside the solar system, so they established Omniview. Omniview is based of the advancement of holographic projection; which started to be developed in the early 21st century. As of standard after vessel building in 2076, all Omnicorp vessels contained a inbuilt OmniviewProjector. With updates being released every so often so in 2081 (MW time) you are able to update your exsisting Omniview Projector to Omniview GEN6 which is faster, better and more expensive. Omniview's main functions are to receive transmission signals bounced of relay stations; built throughout the solar system, from the Omnicorp HQ; from the 5,6,7 levels, otherwise known as Omniview Central. Omniview Central is also incharge of; reviewing, analyzing and documenting the many events throught the solar system, the visual recording of certain diplomatic confrences, the monitoring of lawful arrests and criminal activity and creating an online selection of the Omnicorp products or updates ready for sale.


Omniview is Omnicorps way of transmitting the strange occurences throughout the solar system to the crew members of Omnicorps own vessels, set out like a typical early 21st century news cast, with the generic EAC male and female discussing topics seriously and conversingly between themselves. The male typically takes care of the events, sitting in a small desk near the top left of the 'stage', where as the female is responsible for the 'weather' topics; which with the help Omnicorp's apparent Solar flare predicter, they predict if there is going to be a Solar flare that day – this is incredibly, never 100% accurate, im not even sure if it works, but Omnicorp's clever plan of placing 'prediction' in front of it allows them to be a little out.


Omniwatch, although fairly new to the Omniview system, has sprung to popularity very quickly, with its audience. Omniwatch, presented by Jax Wilko, monitors the number of attacks repeatedley occuring in a sector, wether it be space pirates or 2 rival factions coming to arms. It also covers the many actions made by the Templars and is currently said to be none biased … unless your a criminal that is.


Without it, Omnicorp would be very much worse off. You see as a very influencial faction within the Solar System, Omnicorp needs to make sure that they have more allies, than enemies. So by covering and montering all diplomatic relations, they can make sure that whatever the outcome, there still the winning side. It is also intresting, if you like to watch grown men, ranting at each other for pointless reasons.


Exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin. Omnistore is like an online shopping center (but with only Omnicorp products), split into 5 sections; Transportation, Agriculture, Medical, Communication and Weaponry, to conveniently trick you into buying more products than you actually intended to, Omnistoire is your best place to go if you want a brand new GEN6 update for your Omniview Projector or a brand new mothership. After choosing your section, all you have to do is search throught the hundreds of products in that category to find the one your looking for, without realising that they have the new silenced rifle you really want.

How it works

Here's how it works, Omniview Central transmits digital encoded light signals to relay stations which bounce it off either to other relay stations or to a close ship, the ships Omniview Projector picks it up, decodes and produce's a 3D holographic projection of the siginal, this can be changed (like a normal tv signal) between channels depending on the viewers wants or needs.

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