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Maulerian Eugenics

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The concept of ideal human beings raised from the genetically best parents has drawn the attention of mankind since early antique times on Earth. It was brought once again into public debate thanks to the great discoveries of Darwin, Mendel and others in the 18th, 19th and 20th century. However, because of the general atmosphere of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, genetic improvements on human beings were done only in secret and outside of the public view. The change came with the rise of postmodern Nazi ideology obtaining public influence thanks to the powerful Dönitz and Greim families in 2030’s. Complex laboratories were built outside the influence of Earth’s govermental influence on Mars‘ outer moon, Deimos. The laboratories were officially opened in 2038 as a facility for biological research on apes, with the head of research staff, Gregor Fitzgerald Mauler; a young and promising German scientist. But that was only a front. The real research on Deimos focused on humans instead of apes, simultaneously focused on human genome alteration, genome experiments and implementation of altered DNA into human embryos. In 2043, the Deimos lab made significant discoveries as to the nature of severe human diseases and revealed their discoveries at the international scientific conference (while still hiding the true nature of their experiments behind the experiments on apes), Mauler and his team received a great reception and were given billions of dollars in funding from international authorities for their continued research. Secretly, experiments on living prisoners and other humans were conducted, killing tens of subjects every day. By 2046, (according to World Health Organisation) Deimos discoveries led to the rescue of over 30,000 patients.

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