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Factions - Visual and technical guidelines (developers)

Euroamerican Confederation (EAC)

Visuals & Technical: Blue and white/gray-steel colour setting with some use of other colours as well. Generally lighter colours and overal design. Smooth edges and smooth curves and shapes („Vista“ design) are preferred. Should resemble US army design nowadays (anyway, its not that far in the future). Visual identity should inform you of individual freedom (individualism), humanity,democracy, sense for justice (at least from „their“ view) and attempt to behave and look as peacekeepers and „the right ones“. (This doesn’t mean they are the right ones! Like the USA nowadays /again/ - trying to look as peacekeepers and warriors of justice against bad dictatorship regimes – however, they are in fact protecting their own imperialism, oil treaties etc. )

People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Visuals & Technical: Red, yellow and gray (grayscale exluding black) colour setting. Industrial design, cheap spaceship models, preference of quantity over quality. Strong unitarian identity. Strong sense of organisation and identity. Not so hi-tech or peak technology, however, also not low-end. (China is a strong faction in Miner Wars and invests a lot into military, a lot more than into the level of life and welfare of its citizens. Something like nowadays...). Space ships of this faction tend to resemble each other much more than its usual with other factions, therefore, a strong faction visual identity among models inside this faction is preferred. Flags and emblebs are typical and important elements on the texture of the spaceship and should be well visible from close-approach distance. Except of light fighters, their spaceships tend to have a sense of heaviness, monstrosity, armor plating etc. Sharp edges and rectangular or polygonal shapes are preferred to smooth and round shapes.

Fourth Reich (FOR)

Visuals & Technical: Frequent use of black, red, silver and gold colours. Sharp edges, masculine character (rectangular armor plating and design etc.) of their spaceships. Somewhat futuristic designs and unique spaceship models (ie. Zeppelin). They focus on effectivity and value of each single spaceship (that is the opposite of China) – their pilots are provided with great training and augmentations (biological and cybernetic) and individual solo or duo spaceships are employed rather than whole wings or fleets. However, two skilled Reich pilots in the mainstream interceptor Schmittkopf SP-17 can often beat up to five or six basic Chinese fighters (Jiuquan II). The backbone of Reich’s fleet is the advanced two seat heavy fighter-bomber Luftbiet SB-3 with special armor plating technology and equipped standard with nano repair drones.

OmniCorp (OC)

Visuals & Technical: Futuristic spaceship designs, lot of lights, neons, emissive textures. Colours gold, blue, silver and others. Neat and clean. Imagine something like Nvidia, Intel or Microsoft nowadays. Each ship type has significant differences from the other types because of specialisation – ie. there is nothing like Fighter Mk I, Mk II, Mk III (more-or-less same ship, just improved, a bit changed), rather there are several different types of fighters with special functions and unique design. OCF also incorporates large inter-sector transport ships (Elephant class) for the contract use by other factions. Among OCF one might also encounter ship and weapon prototypes, unknown and unused by other factions – OCF is simply the leader in the field of technology.

Faction colors

Primary Color Secondary Color Light Sources
EAC Blue White-Grayscale Blue
China Red Yellow Yellow
Reich Red White-Black-Grayscale Red
OmniCorp White-Grayscale Gold-Orange Gold-Orange
Russia Military Green Green
Arabs Grayscale Dark Purple Purple
Holy Church Sky Blue / Cyan White-Silver-Grayscale Sky Blue / Cyan
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