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Enhancements and Stimulants

Celeritas (Concentration and Alertness Drug)

Prescribed purpose is to increase energy, concentration and alertness, general physical and mental activity.

Application: Injection, Ingestion

In-game effects: Gives the player the ability to alter real time and in effect cause the game play to appear in slow-motion. As a result, the pilot will achieve increased sensual, mental and physical energy and achieve more tasks and less time, for the player this means the game is switched into slow-motion and they have more time to react, evade etc. The use may be effective in combat situations, the effects last for a couple of minutes, after which the pilot loses some health. This also affects control of the ship in a favorable sense, simplifying the flight experience, allowing auto-leveling and potentially reduces vertigo. Possible risk is addiction and depleted energy levels if used often.

Intended use: To be used in especially difficult maneuvering or combat situations where evading enemy shots and fighting against superior enemy arises.

Ocustamin (Vision Enhancement Drug)

Prescribed purpose increases mental capabilities of the subject, and is especially connected with visual perception.

Application: Ingestion

In-game effects: A special glow/aura or marker appears around moving objects of significance (ships, cargo, missiles). This may also include infrared sight or improved vision under especially dark conditions (i.e. exploring an asteroid without reliance on headlights–during an ambush). No addiction risks. The effect lasts for several minutes, after which the pilot loses some energy/health.

Intended use: To be used in ambush missions with low light and/or intense combat situations where the best performance is required.

Cruor (Painkiller)

Prescribed purpose allows for temporary invulnerability to pain and health loss.

Application: Injection

In-game effects: The player’s health is temporarily “frozen” for the duration of the application. If any further health loss occurs, the result of use prevents the pilot from dying or passing out. When the effect begins to wear off, the player consequently starts losing health dramatically and requires eminent medical treatment (subject will eventually lose all health which the drug prevented plus some additional health loss due to use of the drug). There is also and inherit risk of addiction.

Intended use: During especially intense combat situations when the pilot is hit with rapid projectile rounds but still needs to finish the skirmish intact (or during dangerous mining operations, where exposure to radioactivity is involved).

PSCPD/A (Protein Specific Control Poison Drug / Antidote)

The subject of the toxin becomes highly addicted to the specific protein substance induced. Once injected, into the bloodstream, the subject requires additional small doses every 6 hours to survive.

Application: Injection (first use), Ingestion (later use, smaller antidote doses)

In-game effects: The target endures serious physical and mental suffering and health loss (eventually leading to internal hemorrhaging) in case he doesn’t take an antidote regularly. The substance is primarily used for mass slave control. Once the slaves (war captives) are injected with the PSCP-substance, they require antidotes in regular intervals to survive and only the poison’s original manufacturer is able to process the PSCP-Antidote.

Star Dust

“Star Dust” became a phenomenon during the early 2030’s. The drug has strong psychedelic effects, causing altered perception of reality in colors, field of depth, audible frequency range, hallucinations and increased mental and imaginary projection abilities. The usage induces the human body to release otherwise dormant hormones and neurotransmitters, leading to an overall harmonious mental state which results in increased mental perception and physical regeneration of all sensory organs. Side effects include increased vigor and libido and prolonged stages of heightened awareness. Long term users report “eternal youth” as one of the effects of the drug, since it is able to prolong the life expectancy dramatically (average life expectancy of Star Dust users is 93.6 years compared to 76 years for non-users according to published research conducted in 2051). The substance is, however, extremely addictive – surpassing addictive dependency levels of other notorious habitual substances, such as caffeine, nicotine and even heroine. Further reports indicate that there is no casual case, one-timer user of this drug – either someone has tried and become a “Duster”… or one has not. Subject has to take one dose every few days, depending on the severance of his addiction. The issue of Star Dust is highly controversial, since apart from the extremely high addiction issue, no negative side effects of the drug were ever reported and all medical researches show significant positive health effects. It has been lab tested only on terminally ill patients as a last resort, in an attempt to ease the suffering and conduct further research.

Application: Injection, Sniffing.

In-game implementation: The substance is a commonly traded on the black market and typically receives the highest demand and market potential. However, it is considered illegal in all major factions except the Fourth Reich, whose political, military and research leadership soon became addicted to the use of Star Dust and legalized its use within their territory. Fourth Reich is thus also the main producer of the synthetically produced Star Dust substance.

Aphrodite Pills

A non-addictive stimulant, which is a strong aphrodisiac with empathogenic effects.

Application: Ingestion.

In-game implementation: Important trade article. The highly efficient aphrodisiac is commonly used despite its high price in higher society circles since its discovery in 2043.

Tobacco (Nicotine)

Highly addictive substance, stimulant.

Application: Smoking, snuffing, chewing.

In-game implementation: The drug is a very common trade article in the legal market. About 20% of the population is frequently using the product, putting cigarettes and cigars among the most commonly traded goods.

Alcohol (Ethanol)

Addictive substance, sedative, social drug.

Application: Ingestion.

In-game implementation: The drug is a common trade article in the legal market. About 80% of the population frequently consumes alcoholic beverages.

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