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In Miner Wars, the playable area (Earths solar system) is divided up into areas called sectors. The Miner Wars editor allows players to create and edit playable sectors using a range of tools and features. The editor is available to players using both the test and public versions, however currently only players using test can save sectors.

Current version .074

Known bugs:

A full tutorial on the editor can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kackm4q2CgI 


The editor has a range of tools available to build and create a sector. Firstly, players can switch between play mode and edit mode by pressing 0. Sectors can be built by either adding pre fabricated 3d models to build larger overall constructions (stations, ships, bases) or by using voxel hand to design entire game areas. Players are able to view (but not change) each others sectors by choosing the "friends sectors" option inside "sandbox mode", found in the "play game" menu.


Prefab container

The prefab container is a highligted grid area inside of your sector where objects and prefabs will be added. An orange box indicates you are inside the prefab container, a green/yellow box indicates you are outside of the prefab container. The term "inside" refers to being locked to a specific container where new obejcts and prefabs will be automatically added when you select them from the menu. Each container has its own centre handle which allows the user to adjust the position of all prefabs inside the given container. A yellow container indicates you have the centre handle selected of given container. This enables the player to add formations or groups of prefabs and adjust the overall position of each group independently and respectively of each other.



Editor objects

By pressing insert, displaying the object menu allows the user to add prefabs, destructible and indestrucible asteroids, ships, debris and objects into their sector. Asteroid sizes that can be added include combination values of 64, 128, 256 and 512 across the x, y and z axis. Asteroids can be constructed from a range of materials ranging from indestructible types to snow, lava, platinum, helium and ice to name a few. Prefabs are pre fabricated 3d models that can be combined together to create larger overall constructions. There are hundreds of prefabs available and the number of available prefabs continues to increase. See the objects page for more information.

Voxel hand

Voxel hand allows the user to build, manipulate and destroy voxel objects, which generally consist of asteroids and other raw material-based objects (not prefabs).

Menu Bar

The top menu bar makes a range of additional tools available to the user. The current menu allows you to

• Add, edit, delete, and copy objects with a single click

• Reset, clearing options, save/load, camera options

• Use the “Gizmo” option to change the object handles from positioning on the x, y and z axis to orientation mode. Using this feature, the user is able to change the orientation of the object without changing any position on any axis, for example, if you want to have an object stay in its current position however facing away from the sun.

Object handles in position mode and orientation mode respectively:



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