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'BlackBeard' Name: Netra 'Blackbeard' Teach

Age: 48

Birth year: 2nd of July 2033

Years Active: 2070 - (present)

Work History: space station engineer, miner

Education: Cybernetics, nanotechnology,

Faction: Space Pirates

Religion: Aithesim

Factions employeed by: EAC, Space Mining LTD

Physical characteristics: Long Black hair, Black beard, missing one eye – replaced with cybernetic x-ray vision eye, brown eyes, 188cm tall, well-built, broad shoulders and chest

Physical appearance

Blackbeard' wears a large, traditional, tattered black pirate's hat with the jolly roger on, his hair is long and covers his shoulder and seems to blend in with his beard which starts at his moustache and ends just below halfway down his chest. He has one brown eye and other is covered by an eyepatch but you can see the glowing parts of his x-ray eye below. He also has a long red doublet which goes down to his knees, this has exotic gold buttons, his belt which made of a black strap with a gold buckle hold his scabbered with an an energy cutlass, and his breeches are black and tucked into his black thigh high boot. His shirt is white and on both hands he holda a smaller version of the on ship lazer drill . His beard seperates into one tuft which is seperated by a small silver and blue braid.

Habits and Flaws

Like all men with some power, they develop the need for more power, 'Blackbeard' is no exception. He has developed a superiority complex, which forces him occasionally to rush into rash desicions. But it also means that he cannot leave a fight without winning. 'Blackbeards' knowledge of the pirate code makes him a great leader and fearsome captian, although sometimes he may be restricted by his loyalty to the code, he can find certian loop holes to get around them. He also has the tendency to think alloud, this can be disaterous as he can sometimes give away his plans unintentionlly. 'Blackbeard' suffers from psychotic tendencies, there mild usually, but at times of great stress or frustration he begins to show them more openly, he hyas also developed a habit of collecting ornaments from his many conquests, these include; skulls, bones, name plates, clothes or weapons, these he keeps in his “skull room” located on the Queen Anne's Revenge V2. However 'Blackbeard's' inability to hurt children is his greatest 'flaw', if he sees children being hurt or mistreated he will interfare. 'Blackbeards' last habit is his inability to be watched when eating,( it drives him insane) he has to either retire to his captians room or make everybody leave the room.


Although 'Blackbeard' has an energy cutlass, he rarly uses it, as he saves it for his most hated enmies. On the Queen Anne's Revenge V2, there are four Cannons on each side, at the front there are two rail guns, one on each side and behind them are four (two on each side) guided missle launchers. The huge skull and ribbed bow that is chained to the shiup contains two flamethrowers, one in each eye. It is also claimed that he posses a sniper but this is has not been discovered. Also 'Blackbeard' has two small lazer drills which are strapped to his arms.


2033 – Netra was born in the EAC faction.

2045 – loss of mother, father starts to beat him more often.

2050-2051 – trail into the death of Henry Teach, verdict self-defence.

2057 – Netra meets Rokavik Hemlikosh; teaches him Cybernetics and Nanotechnology.

2063 – Deimos labs closed, G.F. Maulder arrested; Rokavik comes and lives with Netra.

2066 – Captured by 'One eyed Jack' and forced to work.

2068 – Netra informs the captian of the munity, gains place on crew, earns Rokavik his freedom.

2070 – The Solar Event, kills 35% crew and 'One eyed Jack', Netra loses left eye, assumes command of crew.

2072 – has command of 3 vessels, recognized as skilled warrior. Captures 30 Omnicorp and FOR scientists and forces them to build him a ship. Finds Rosli, adopts her as daughter.

2078 – the Queen Anne's Revenge V2 is completed. Netra assumes identify of 'Blackbeard' Rosli turns 16.

2081 – (time of MW) Rosli is 19, 'Blackbeard is 48. He saves Clay Royson from Black Raven space lynch mob, joins crew as military commander.

Complete Backstory

Netra 'Blackbeard' Teach, is considered the most notorious pirate of the solar system, his custom built ship the Queen Anne's Revenge V2, is inspired by his childhood tales, which his mother used to tell him of his great ancestor Edward Teach or 'Blackbeard' the Pirate (1680 – 1718). This began a spiral of madness and jealously, which swung him into a life of theft and piracy. He alone commands a large crew (40-50men), about 70% are slaves or prisoners. The rest is made up of his most trusted crew memebers, this includes Rosli; a teenager who was found by Blackbeard and brought up by him and is the only one who can make Blackbeard fell sadness or sympathy making him appaer 'human' thanks to his inability to see children hurt or being unable to hurt them, and Clay Royson; an disgraced Ex Black Raven coporal, who was banished due to killing another Black Raven member.

Netra's life began on the 2nd of July 2033, he was born to a Henry and Cyna Teach. Henry, who was a highly ranked soldier in the EAC nation. He grew up as an athiest and never particually took any interest in any religion, he was taught the rules of engagement by his drunk of a father, who on occasion hit him for not remembering his manners, or for speaking out of turn. This intern spearheaded his reclussiveness from other children and his increasing anger problems. His mother only showed him signs of affection, in the stories she used to tell of his great ancestor Edward Teach. He would hear her stories of a fearsome pirate on his ship sailing the vast ocean searching for treasure and fighting great battles. This predominantley started his obsession with piracy, but it was only an innocent one at the moment. He would spend lengthy amounts of hours drawing pictures of his own pirate ship or what he would look like as a pirate. On the year of 2045, at the age of 12, his mother died of a terminal illness. This simply removed all of the affection and love out of his world. His father began to drink more when he wasn't working, and started to beat him more frequently, mainly because of his anger at the loss of his wife.

This continued until he was 16; he had developed a condition known as hard skin, which prevented his skin from bruising easily. He also had began to strike out at the world for his fathers abuse; He was kicked out of school for nearly killing a class mate. It was on the 11th October 2050, that he finally put an end to his fathers abuse. He arrived home after going out with his friends, his father had just arrived back from the pub and had began his nightly rant, but something was different, Netra had had enough of his fathers aabuse, so he picked up a close lamp and slammed of his head, a full report was carried out; the result was that Netra had attacked in self-defence. After the trail ended (2051), he gained access to become one of the colonists for the EAC space colonization. He lived a normal life as EAC space colonist; he had a job as a engineer constructing sub-sections of space stations. This was up until 2057, where at the age of 23, he met Rokavik Hemlikosh. A german scientist in charge of a small, secret Diemos experimental lab. He took a shine to Netra and decided to take him under his wing, teaching him advanced subjects such as cybernetics and nanotechnology. This was up until 2063, when Diemos was closed down after the head of research, G.F. Mauler was arrested for violating scientific doctrines on the highly contraversial issue of 'The Seven Reborn', where he genetically altered, cybernetically augmented and psychogically re-educated prisoners.

Now jobless, Rokavik came to live with Netra, who now with two mouths to feed tried his luck in the ever growing industry of asteriod mining, this worked until 2066. Where he and Rokavik ran into a group of pirates. Since they where not carrying anything worthwhile or sellable, and pirates had not become a major threat, they where held as slaves and prisoners on the vessel. The Ship was a stolen PRC mother ship, its captian was Jack Worthington or 'One eyed Jack' to his crew. Cleverly, Netra told Rokavik to work hard and quitley for the foreseeable future, he knew that pirates respected loyalty and hard-working slaves thanks to his mothers stories. 2068, just after the census declearing that there where 200,000 chinese citizens living in space, the crew of 'One eyed Jack tried to pull a mutiny, it would of been successful had it not been for Netra informing the captian the news before any damage was done, this (as he thought) gained him a position on the 'free' crew of 'One eyed Jack's' vessel and Rokavik his freedom. During the next two years, he learned from 'One eyed Jack' the pirates code, the fundemental 'rules' of a true pirate, which are followed by nearly every pirate in the solar system.

It was after the The Solar event that things started to move along for Netra. During the launch of project Genesis, 'One eyed Jack' and his crew where looting from a small mining craft on an asteriod near jupiter, about 65% of the crew where on the mining craft when the project failed, leading to the wide scale destruction of the solar system. The 65% of the crew where saved thanks to the protection of the asteriod but 'One eyed Jack' was killed along with the rest of the slaves, prisoners and crew. Also Blackbeard lost his left eye due to a piece of metal flying into it, making him partially blind. Netra, assumed command of the crew and decided that he would respect 'One eyed Jack's' legacy. By the time he was 38, he had created quite an impression among the rest of the solar syatem's pirates. He had command of 3 vessels and was known as a ruthless and skilled warrior, but for Netra, this wasn't enough, he wanted what his ancestor had had, his own vessel, something to strike fear into the soul of man and a fearsome beard. His first capture mission didn't go well as he had nearly destroyed the ship before he could dock, but it was a semi-wasted journey as there was only one survivour, a young girl of about 10, he tried to kill her, but was in capable of bringing harm to her, so he took her on as an adopted daughter, he called her Rosli. He then hatched a plan to capture 30 Omnicorp and FOR scientists to build him a truly frightening and fearsome vessel. By 2078, the vessel was complete, and so was his beard. The ship which he named Queen Anne's Revenge V2, was magnificent. Also Rosli now 16 was learning fast from Netra, she had alreadly become a great shooter and was a skilled cyrogenesist. Netra soon decided that a change of name and appereance would be ideal, he took on the nickname of 'Blackbeard' and started to where the conventinal clothes of a traditional 17th century pirate.

Nothing changed since then and 2081, apart from the loss of his left leg, in his first major battle with another captian, 'Blackbeard' would have died if it was not for Rosli amputating his leg and then carrying him to safety.He managed to replace his partially blind eye with an x-ray replacement, this was hijacked of a small omnicorp transport vessel. Rosli was appointed as Blackbeards first mate and has developed a certian love towards the whip. Blackbeard also rescued Clay Royson from a lynch mob of Black Raven members, who where assigned the task of killing him, no matter what. this sparkied a friendship which was beneficial to both Blackbeard and Clay as clay was an excellent fighter and truly vulgur man.


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