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OmniCorp (OC)
Non-National Faction / Independent Corporation Cluster
High (7/10)
None (0/10)
Rich (9/10)
Ultra Advanced (9/10)
Low / Neutral
Corporate Management
8,000 – 12,000
N/A, Individual Religious Freedom

"We Own the Shares!"


OmniCorp holds a specific place in the post-Solar Event universe. Although the number of members within this faction is not as high as in some other cases, OmniCorp is definitely among the top power holders thanks to several factors: high technological research and production facilities, well-educated, qualified personnel and specialists and last but not the least great economic potential and ownership of shares in many of other factions and corporations. OmniCorp holds a lot of investments inside all major factions cooperating with them (that is, except for China, Russia or in some situations, Arabs). As a result, OC has a lot of connections amongst diplomats, industrialists and decision makers across the political scene. OmniCorp nowadays focuses mainly on three fields of interest: Development and production of new high-end spaceships (including equipment and weaponry); transport services (OC owns tens of huge inter-sector transport ships); and research and development in the fields of advanced information technologies (including software solutions for corporations and military, AI research, software for applied biomechanical and nano-tech implants, etc.) The official OmniCorp motto is inscribed within three conjoined hexagons (like in a bee hive), signifying “3 P” – Progress, Profit, Prosperity.


Jacob Solomon updated.png Nikolas Remenko 2.jpg Chief Development Officer Yen Li.jpg

Brief History

Originally founded in 2038 by Stuart J. Solomon, OmniCorp first started as a small space research and development company called “SolTech”. SolTech, seated on the Prometheus Space Station, outsourced internationally picked engineers, technicians and physicists to the Prometheus Orbital Foundries. In this manner of operation, Stuart Solomon came into close contact with Nikolas Remenko, a former Russian nuclear scientist, who focused on the use of nuclear engines with newly manufactured mining space ships. Thanks to the business skills of Solomon, SolTech soon acquired a majority of shares of Prometheus Orbital Foundries and was elected as their chairman and CEO in 2042. Thanks to the four years of successful mining operations and wide-scale space construction done by new waves of space colonists, in 2046 Solomon acquired ownership of the whole Prometheus Space Station and together with Remenko transformed SolTech into OmniCorp. Instead of sharing profits and control with other share owners of Prometheus, Solomon offered all the investors shares inside Prometheus and thus OmniCorp became the sole owner of Prometheus.



OmniCorp HQ.jpg
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